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Default Ellie Bean and Models

I thought I would get a thread started for Ellie Bean and Models where we can share our pics, along with the models names. That way we can get a feel for the ones we like and don't like (If I put a smiley face after don't like, I don't feel as rude! LOL!)

I have only booked 3 sessions.
I booked Mattingly, Hayden and Emerald.

These first ones are Mattingly- I was a little bummed the photos weren't more professional. Maybe I have been spoiled because I have two super awesome photog friends, but I feel bad always asking them to take free pics. Mattingly is a cute girl and has a nice mom. Just not professional photos.
mattingly ruby blue.jpg

mattingly ruby blue again.jpg
These second ones are Hayden. She is such a cute little girl. Her mom is my friend on facebook and seems to be having some personal problems (which developed after I requested her). She has posted that the modeling photos have had to be put aside for awhile while they work through some hard stuff. I did have to message her for the photos, and it took a good 3 weeks to get them. Not sure if it was her, or ellie bean, put pretty sure it was her. The photog is a friend on facebook too. She is good at what she does. All in all, pics were great, but may take some time to get them.

hayden flower model 002.jpg
Last two are Emerald. I can not say enough good things about this little girl and mom (photog). Emerald is absolutely adorable. Is a fabulous little model, and mom is a great photog. She send me pages and pages to proof. Let me choose as many as I wanted, then sent them back with in one week. Literally. She made these photo collages with my business name on them as well. I would highly recommend Emerald. Her mom is also my friend on facebook. I havent seen a bad photo yet

Now feel free to post any pics and names to this thread that you have gotten through Ellie Bean. And be sure to share experiences as well


emerald hair clip.jpg
I have an awesome destash waiting for you;

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