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Originally Posted by MistyMeadowW View Post
Ok, so I was in a hurry one day and stopped into Joanns for some marabou. I didn't really pay attention and just grabbed the colors I needed and ran out. When I got home and compared it to some I previously purchased at Joanns I noticed there was a big difference in them. One was kind of matty and the other one was full and fluffy. So then on my next trip to Joanns I went to the marabou to check it out (to make sure I was not loosing my mind!!). I pulled out the marabou and compared them to each other and there was a huge difference in the quality of them. Some looked horrible and others were full and fluffy and beautiful. So now I really pay attention when I buy my marabou.

Wow, that's good to know! Thanks for the info, i'll keep my eye out next time.
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