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Default Re: Is this supplier reputable???Please help

I would order samples of everything you are interested in BEFORE you place a big order. Not saying that this particular supplier does this, but a lot of suppliers steal photos, so it is best to order samples so you see what you are getting BEFORE shelling out tons of money. KWIM? That way you can feel them and all that good stuff too.

Yes, there can definitely be "hidden" fees when dealing with China. Shipping is crazy expensive. You need to check an re-check costs when you are speaking with their representatives, and you could and might get fees involving customs which can get expensive too. There is also a possibility you will pay a wire transfer fee etc depending on how you pay. It can be kind of tricky.

HTH some, it is doable, but make sure you do your research and order samples first. My advice. There are a lot of girls on here who do business with China suppliers and all of them would probably encourage ordering samples.
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