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Default Re: Cheer Bows for age 10 and under

The pic on my avatar is my 8 year old daughter at competition wearing a 2/25" bow, tails are a V-cut so they are about 4" long. I measure my ribbon/fabric to 26", marked just like gmcks, then when I cut the V-cuts, I fold the ends, and use a rotary cutter on my mat for a 45 degree angle.
Keep in mind this is a competition bow. Her game bows are the same size, but just with less bling. However, in the interest of those who prefer to wear their bows on the backs of their heads, I do make my "other" game bows with 6" tails, much less stiff, with ponys on the bottom of the bow instead of the back.
I think her bow looks great, not too big, not too small. Not a loopy or baby-ish bow, but an awesome cheer bow!
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