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Originally Posted by gen_bug View Post
I make tutus on crochet headbands all the time. Most my customers prefer them on it (& I do too, because it can fit from NB up to 3/4/5 years sometimes)

I use 2.5 inch, thats just what I had available and they seem to work good. I can fit a LOT of tulle on it (and the perk is because you can see how many holes you have - you know how many strips you need. I usually do 2 per knot.)

For the newborn ones Ive done - I did them about 6-7'' long, so I cut my strips double that length.


Heres some of mine on the headbands
They turned out great ~ very pretty!

Originally Posted by gen_bug View Post
Ive made a couple of these and its REALLY easy. I just put some glue under the knots on the end and tightened it up, then put some satin ribbon on the ends to make it look "finished" - the photographer who bought them loved ussing them

Mr.Monkey is my newborn substitute lol...
Love it! You did a great job!
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