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Default Re: headbands for an older lady...

Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
Dang, I was so not going there, but now I am in tears too. My wonderful grandma passed away 3 years ago on Easter Sunday, I found out I was pregnant with my youngest daughter the day of her veiwing, so she never even got to know I was having her she would have spoiled her rotten singing to her and rocking her. I keep thinking someday it will ease, but I miss her every day, she was such an amazing woman. I live 45 minutes from the nearest 'real' town, but it takes me 50 minutes to get there now cause I can't drive past her house so I take another route.

My grandma would have loved flowers, any kind, and anything red, but she would have liked clips better cause she wouldn't have wanted to mess up her 'do' with a headband.
I understand how you feel, i was about 6 months along when my gpa passed away, funny she seems to know more about him than my older dd who actually knew him. she swears to this day he held her in heaven, I don't argue!

Originally Posted by allthingsbeautifulbtq View Post
Wow guys...this post hit me like a ton of can a post about older ladies and headbands make someone cry? Anyway, my "Mawmaw" raised me and passed away a little over 2 years ago. She was 83 when she passed and she LOVED headbands She loved the sparkly stuff too! Little barrettes, pretty earrings, headbands, bracelets, you name it! Anyway, thought that this might help, since I had a real life model and she LOVED the blingy ones. lol Man, I miss her so much

your Mawmaw is beautiful!
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