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Default Re: Your review on this camera...........

If you want something not that expensive then to start with just go with the canon rebel XS. I believe they sell it at Walmart in a package deal for about 650.00. It's Great for your first DSLR especially if your not an experienced Photographer and it comes with 2 IS lenses that are nice. If you want something that is MICRO you will need a micro lens. They are a bit more expensive but since you saved on the price of the actual camera you will have the extras money . And all the lenses are compatible with the other camera if you upgrade down the line.. The only thing with this camera I am told is that you can't take Pics with the screen in live mode you have to use the eye hole, But this is not true I have used the screen to take pics. But taking pics with the screen unless you are using a tripod is one reason pic's from regular digital cameras sometimes are blurry cause you are not holding the camera as steady as when you hold it to your eye. But in any case if your not wanting to spend that much on a camera right now I would recommend this one. Great Features great Pics and 1/4 the price...
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