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Default Re: Your review on this camera...........

If your really just wanting a camera to take pic of some of your work or family vacations and thing's like that then this camera is a bit much, unless your someone with a real knowledge of photography. The canon is an amazing camera and can take beautiful pics.. The thing with a camera is when it comes to Pixels anything higher then about a 10 really isn't going to do much for you unless you plan on Blowing your pics up or having life sized photos. The canon rebel xs it's self is a very good camera it's 10.1 MP and is a great first camera for the DLSR camera. It's very affordable and the Lens it comes with by no means is a cheap lens. You can get it for about 499.00 some times less. The rebel xsi is also nice and is 12.2 mp and that is really the only difference between the 2 except that you will pay 150.00 more for it. Also the Camera people will tell you that you can't take pic with the screen on the canon rebel xs in live mode which is not true .. The t1i, t2i, and t3i, go higher in price and pixels but they also have the ability to record video in HD. You can buy a Package deal at Bestbuy with the t1i and it will come with the 18-55 IS lens and the 55-250 IS lens and it's about 899.00 just the body on this camera is about 650.00 the lens to buy separately are about 199.00 and 299.00 each so IMO it's actually better to buy them together. Unless your someone who is really into Photography and your buying a full frame camera and looking for some really powerful lenses. If you really just want a camera to take nice pic of then I wouldn't (especially for your first) go with anything higher then maybe the t3i. With that camera you are looking at about 899.00. Anything higher then that is for people who are more experienced.. Now if you are Experienced then Yes the 7 is a great camera All the canons take BEAUTIFUL pics have good battery life. The one thing I will tell you is that if you buy this camera you need to make sure that the first thing you do with all your lenses is buy filters for them. This will protect them from dust and scratches. Hope this Helps.
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