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Default Re: Woodburner blues

Originally Posted by Katieboosmama View Post
UGH! my second one in a month just died. My first one lasted about 4 months. This last one less that a month. What is the average life expectancy of these things????? It is like my right arm. Hard to function without it! Any suggestions on prolonging the life of them?
I got the one at walmart in october last year and it still works, Im having problems with glue guns !!! lol I had one for 2 weeks, it worked so awesomely great! lol and all of a sudden (while in my hand) a puff of smoke came out of it and purple flames! :0 yikes, scared the Sh** outta me, and i have like 5 now (a differen kind) so Ill always have a backup, my problems with the wood burners is burning myself, 2nd degree burn last week :/
Good luck finding one that works
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