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Default Re: Can anyone help with tutu sizes? I really messed up my first one.

Ive usually ask my custom order customers the waist size, subtract two inches but do NOT sew ends until I am done JUST to be sure. I also do not tie the knots tightly on the elastic (it takes away the integrity of the elastic) but leave them to where I can slide a pinky under the knot. I always, regardless of size, safety pin my elastic around a new roll of paper towels, do my tutu ty'in, then adjust the length of the waist accordingly. This leaves me a nice flush backing and I can easily measure my progress and the length. Wish I could take credit for that but saw it on a tut somewhere.
If I showed you some of the tutus I did when I first started! OMG! *shame* Trial and error baby!! HTH!!
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