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Originally Posted by creativekiddos View Post
Hi, this is Heather from Creative Kiddos are you looking to buy something like one of the bands in the photo below or do you just want to by a headband and a flower and make it yourself??? I made the ones below and would be happy to make a custom one for you or tell you how you can make it yourself.


Well I was just wanting to buy a bow to match her christmas dress. I found the marabou was pretty but I couldnt find any colors to match, then I thought about the crochet band with just a flower on it to match her dress...and have had no success. That is why I wanted to just make her one but it looks like it may be easier to buy it for now seeing as how we got pics to do soon. lol

My baby is 1 yrs old and pretty hairless right on top so I thought the bands would be best. Im gonna try to post a pic of a dress almost exactly like hers the color is the same.

If you can make something that will look good with her dress, please pm me with any thoughts you may have.
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