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Default Re: Bow Embellishments

Again (I) apologize if I have offended anyone with my post. I was not my intention to have someone tell me from beginning to end how to make these. I was interested in learning and if someone knew a little more about them I wanted to learn. I apologize for my wording if I was not clear. I don't believe I shot anyone down as one woman suggested they were tiles and My reply was simple they weren't and looked like vinyl. I never stated that I would not be willing to try tiles. Another woman said they were possibly Shrinky dinks and I didn't even reply after that. Yes I may have only had two other post but as I said in the Original I am new to this group. I will try and be careful with my wording from now on as not to make anyone think I'm looking for a free hand out. I am interested in Learning and sharing as much as anyone. I can't afford to pay 10.00 for center as I don't sell my bows so I don't make a profit. I make them for the sheer Joy of making them, and seeing my nieces with there hair done up. So Let's End this at that. Thanks you to the woman for the Suggestions you gave me, I will look at trying some of them.
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