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Default Re: Polymer Clay Centers Falling Apart!

Originally Posted by my6girlz View Post
That has happen to me when I first started make clay centers.
What I learned is to add Liquid Sculpty before baking to seal everything together and then add the glaze after they come out and cool down.
Your people who are making them probably do not know about this, it was a learning lesson for me.
Just ask the people who you are buying them from to please do this.
Thats all i can advise
I made many bows just to have the center fall apart
Ditto this. You can use the liquid sculpey to put bond two baked pieces together too. So you can use it for repair. I only use liquid sculpey to put my clay pieces on my center ribbon. I put a dab on the back of my finished/ baked clay piece, then put a layer over the ribbon too & then bake again for 15 min. The ribbon is embedded in the liquid sculpey and it is incredibly strong.
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