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Great info and almost exactly what I use. The only things different that I do is that I seal my images after I print them to keep the ink from running etc. If you print them at Walgreens or Wal-Mart there is no need for this, but if you print the images from your home computer then you will need to seal. I use Mod Podge Photo Sealer and my local Wal-Mart carries it. Then the best glue I have found that dries quickly to adhere the image to the cap is just a regular glue stick that you use for scrapbooking. It is easy and dries within a minute or so. Also, you will need a 1" hole punch if you are making the images yourself. Be careful because some of the punches arent exactly 1" and could be too big or too small for your bottle cap. Then I use the ET Lite resin, which is a little tricky at first, but after practice it becomes easier and easier. It is kind of pricy, but I always get mine at MIchaels when I have a 40% off coupon or 50% off coupon and it makes a 16 oz. bottle set like $11 or something. I have done over 300 caps and still have more than half of the 16 oz. bottle left so it goes a LONG way. And last, I use the wooden furniture plugs that you can get at Hobby Lobby that I add to the back of the bottle cap when I am going to attach it to a hair bow. These are cheaper than the furniture pads and I have found that the furniture pads dont stick to the bow as well as the furniture plugs. At my Hobby Lobby the furniture plugs are back with the wood stuff. It is in a package of like 30 for $1.80. Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by hermanasalinas View Post
I am getting started on the bottlecap route too and this is what I know so far... you need bottlecaps.. you can get colored or silver. then you need images, you can make your own or you can buy them. You need some sort of adhesive for the image to stick on the bottlecap. ( I am going to use mod podge) You will need something to seal the image, like laquer, resin, epoxy dots. I am going to try 3d crystal laquer at first. Then you need the 1.8mm bottle cap hole punch to put a hole in the cap for the split ring. The split ring tool is made to help you open the split ring to get it between the hole on the bottlecap. (I don't have one yet but want to get one.) then you need neckaces (ball chains, ribbon cord, leather, rubber... etc.)

For bows you just need the bottlecaps, images and something to seal them. These don't need holes. Then you need felt furniture pads (1" round) to glue into the back of the bottlecap to make it an even bottom to glue to your bows.

You can use magnets on your necklaces or bows to make them interchangeable... this is what I have learned so far... HTH!
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