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Default Re: Bow Embellishments

OK. Well Apparently I have Offended someone in this group by asking, what I thought was a simple question. By no means did I, or do I intend to offend anyone so I Apologize in advance. But, to respond to some of the responses that were left by others.

1.(This forum is great, and people share stuff all the time but that doesn't mean we have to or that anyone should just expect us to tell them exactly how they do something. Don't just expect everything to be handed to you)

I never asked anyone to sit down with me and give me a free two hour tutorial and walk me threw it step by step. I simple asked if anyone knew how this was done. I asked the woman because I wanted to know what the outside of this was made of. I thought it was vinyl or something done maybe on a cricut because it was printed on.. She told me that it was all clay and that was it.

2(This really upsets me just because you don't sell your bow online doesn't mean that she should just give you the information....if that was the case I would be teaching bow classes for free on a daily bases to people who just make bows for family and then the next day they start a business!!!!!!!)

Once again I didn't ask her to GIVE me anything. And for you to insinuate that I'm out to ripe this lady off and start a business tomorrow really hurts and offends me. I don't have an Etsy store. I don't sell on Ebay and I don't have a face-book group. I make them only for friends and nieces. I understand there are people out there who would take someone's Idea and run with it, But that's not me and you really shouldn't accuse someone of that nonchalantly.

3 (Just a suggestion but for those who aren't looking to learn this technique to sell, and just want them for family/friends...why not support a fellow (and very talented) bowmaker, and just buy them from the original source?)

Once again an accusation that I'm intending on selling her idea. But Also she is not a Bow maker. Her sister makes bows and she gives the centers to her sister. I did contact the woman about ordering the centers and it will cost me between $6.00 and $10.00 for each center. Now I don't know, but I'm sure that most of you would not pay $10.00 for a center for your bow. I could actually buy the Bow from the sister who makes them and it would only cost me $8.00, but why should have to buy bows. I'm making them for my nieces and friends and I enjoy doing it like many of you. That's like telling someone new that comes in this group, they shouldn't learn how to make bows they should just buy them from someone. Where would half of the people in here be if that was the case? There are people that come in here all the time and ask for help with a techinque or idea. I have seen people ask about making bottle caps. Where do you buy your resin? What kind of resin do you buy? How do you mix it? How long do you let it sit? People give them a step by step, in detail instruction on how it's done and where to go to learn this. I don't see how what I have asked is any different then that. I have figured out after searching on line and looking thing's up for the most part how this center is made. And still I don't have an Etsy store or sell on Ebay. I am really disappointed and hurt by the not so warm welcome I got from this group and most of it seems to be from the administration just for asking a simple question.. I'm assuming that maybe the woman who makes these is a friend of someone on here or is known by a few of you. That I would not doubt. But I really thought I was entering a group of Grown woman who had a passion for a certain craft. I though, I would be able to come in here and ask questions freely and learn new ideas. As well as share thing's I have learned and ideas with other. I feel like I have entered a group of 13 year old girl in a click that don't want any new girls in it.. I enjoy reading the post here and Learning thing's from them and would love to continue this. I would love to be able to call the women in here my friends and get to know people on a first name basis. But I feel that I have been shut down. Again I didn't mean and don't mean to offend anyone but these are my feelings.

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