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Default Crochet headbands...Im lost

Be gentle and try not to laugh too much at this but I am so lost.

All I want is a crochet headband with a flower. Thats it. How hard can that be, right?

I have searched this site and found lots of useful information once I figure out how to start making them.

Can someone help me? My store could be so tiny that they dont carry it...Idk.

I searched walmart and Michaels for the crochet bands...I cant find these anywhere. What dept might they be in?

The flowers that you put on them do these come from those big flowers on the stems? Are their special flowers not on the stems for stuff like this?

Where are some instructions for this? If I need to buy them from someone is there a headband making for dummies book? That is what I need I think. lol

Finally, what supplies would I need? I have a glue gun already.

I know these are basic questions, but I am feeling overwhelmed when I just wanted a band with a flower.

If there is a begin here, this is what you need to get started thread I missed it. Sorry.

Thanks for any help or advice.
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