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Default Re: Bow Embellishments

Originally Posted by Tess9737 View Post
I can Understand a Little not wanting people to know how you do thing's. There are other people out there who do things that look very similar and I'm trying to see if I can get help from one of them. I don't sell my bows on line. I make them for my nieces, and I can get that people who sell don't want to share the way they do thing's cause they don't want any competition. But If no one ever helped anyone learn new thing's then where would half the people in this Forum be?
this really upsets me just because you don't sell your bow online doesn't mean that she should just give you the information....if that was the case i would be teaching bow classes for free on a daily bases to people who just make bows for family and then the next day they start a business!!!!!!!

this forum is great, and people share stuff all the time but that doesn't mean we have to or that anyone should just expect us to tell them exactly how they do something. I am sure this lady went through a lot of trial and error on how to make these and they are super cute so no i wouldn't just give it away either. try out all the things that the ladies on here suggested if they don't work then come up with something yourself or just use wood tiles you will get nearly the same effect and will probably be cheaper and easier.

dont just expect everything to be handed to you, yes this forum is full of tons of helpful ladies and we will help you out where we can but some of out ricks of the trade are secrets and it took us years and years to perfect it. google stuff search the forum and see what you can come up with

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