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Default Re: Please check here for any stolen pics

Originally Posted by girlybaby View Post
No ive been here for a year i think now --i just feel so ill having nasty thing said about me -i know its just the web but im not a confrontation person at all --
sorry that happen to you before - i have seen so many sites use whoelsaler samples and thought this was what you did to show---Naive i guess even thou i have been selling since 2009 its mainly to locals and few here and there -
I'm sure you meant no harm, but you have understand where these women are coming from. Imagine that you handmade an item, took pictures, and took time to edit the photos (keep in mind that I personally spend hours every day just editing) and then you come across a site (your competition) that is using your product photos to sell to what could potentially be your customer. Wouldn't that anger you? You do have wholesale photos, still wrong because I reiterate that it takes time to take and edit good photos, but you also have other people's handmade items on your site.

It's wrong and I would take Josie's advice. If you've been on this board, just do a search of "stolen photos" and see what happens when these ladies get mad. I totally understand where you are coming from, but please understand where they are coming from, too.
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