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Default Re: Please check here for any stolen pics

YEP!! this was because of what i posted on her FB for stealing my pics

seriously....WTH is wrong with people???? when in doubt, DON'T!!!!

needless to say she took down my pic in record 4 minutes! LOL
i just posted about this in the Ruby room -- didn't know this thread was here already! LOL

Originally Posted by Josie-PolkaDot View Post
Yeah...I saw that...Stacy is livid!!

Hey...did you see what the other person posted?

I apologize if i use a sample that's not mine-i will always state if its mine or not --if you don't want me to use that I will def respect that privacy and remove the photo --promptly-i mean no disrespect its only purpose is to show strictly a sample --Thanks!
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