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Default Re: I been workin on my skillzzzz

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
Your photo skills are good but can I give my honest opinion? I don't like the fact that I have to turn my head to the side to get a view of the bow. Your bows look really nice but that's just my two cents. Maybe it's just me? Sorry..........
lol I'm not one of those that posts just because I'm excited about something. I posted it cause I wanted honest opinions! And that was your honest opinion! You don't have to appologize for that! lol

I was mainly working on getting the lighting and stuff to look right, I normally make sure all my bows are straight up and down, so they aren't cocked to the side like that, but I couldn't get it to clip onto the glass straight, which frustrated the crap out of me haha. I might be able to hot glue a small piece of a popsicle stick or something to the edge of it, that way it's hidden behind the bow, but I can clip it onto that instead of the actual glass. But thank you for the input! I like to get everybodys opinion, cause I would never have thought it would really bother someone that it was turned.

Originally Posted by ahaygood View Post
I love them but I would straighten the bow out a little. But the bows themselves are adorable! And I like the pink background. You can also take pictures on a cute plate you may have or a serving platter... or some cute wood decor (you know like thos things that HL sells... painted wood decor there ya go.. my mind went blank LOL)
Thanks! I need to go to HL and look for some photo props. This is just something I had laying around the house. When I was working it was a hop skip and a jump to HL so I went all the time. But since I'm not workin anymore (wahoo!) Then its a little harder to get there, seeing that its like 45mins from me.

Originally Posted by sweetapple View Post
I like them. JMO, but maybe a white background would make the colors "pop" more???

But I do like the texture of the background & how you did the edges!
Thanks! I've actually been tryin to get away from the white BGs. I got rid of my website and am doing more on etsy. And personally I think the plain white BG pictures look funny on etsy. I may try to take some with white BGs with some props and see what happens. HMmmmm!!
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