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Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
The girls here have given you great advice. It's not very difficult to make a super poofy tutu But please remember, making a tutu look super-full in a photo isn't that difficult to do (if you've used several pieces). The tulle strips, when pulled apart and shaped, can stand straight out (as in the photo).

I agree with Maxine.. to me it looks very full because of the way it's posed, it looks beautiful I wish I could get mine to look like that! I think you have great advice here and I also belive the stiffness of the tulle will determine the effect. I just posted yesterday about diffrent types of tulle so I went out and bought some and found the tulle on rolls is better for more of the ballerina look (full and wide) and the BTY is better for flowey looks. I hope I helped and we would love to see a pic!!
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