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Originally Posted by Kalliesmama View Post

Im new to the forum! I have a shop on etsy and am currently selling hair bows but am wanting to offer tutus...however mine are just SOOO flat. Ive tried the different tying techniques and see to gain some fullness by using the double knot as opposed to slip knot, but still not what Im wanting to achieve....I also should say I do no sew.

This pic is NOT mine, but I am just amazed by the fullness of this tutu...any idea how to get this type of fullness? This tutu is amazing!!

Thanks for any help!! Cant wait to get to know everyone!
The girls here have given you great advice. It's not very difficult to make a super poofy tutu But please remember, making a tutu look super-full in a photo isn't that difficult to do (if you've used several pieces). The tulle strips, when pulled apart and shaped, can stand straight out (as in the photo).
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