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Default Re: Korkers on flip flops?

Originally Posted by mwilkins View Post
I agree the ON flip flops are very different this year. I have some from last year and it seems like the straps are much much thicker and slicker this year...if that makes any sense at all. I glued some military braids on some for DD..(with e6 ) and now a month out they are pulling away. I just reglued in some spots w/hot glue to see how they do.

Very least I only made some for DD i'd hate to of sold some and had this happen.
It's been a horrible experience for me with the ON shoes All the ribbon started pulling away even thought most of the shoes were in the drawer... never having been worn. A few days ago, I took them from the garage (I had to move them due to the strong plastic smell) and looked at them again. They're essentially useless as a decorated flip flop because the ribbon has pulled away. The korkers, however, have no problems whatsoever (thank goodness). In fact, Christine wore them in her kiddie pool and they still looked great when they dried out.

Originally Posted by AaronandChristopher View Post
Did you guys have any trouble w/ it pulling away from the soles? I think they are cute even w/o covering the straps.
Yes. It pulled away from there as well.

Originally Posted by elly760 View Post
sorry to hear that some of you are having such a hard time with the ON flops....this is my first year that i started to doing flip flops and so far so good (fingers crossed) but for the korkers themself i have been using the same piece of ribbon that i tie the korker with to tie around the flop and tie off, i also put some hot glue on before tying the korker to it and they seem to be real sturdy like this...and for the regular bows i have been adding e6000 in the middle and hot glue on the sides
I haven't had any problems with the korkers. Even after going in the pool, they still look as fresh as when I first made them.
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