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Default Re: Square - Accept Credit Card Payments through smart phone?

Originally Posted by ks_fl View Post
I still struggle with the swipe part. It seems pretty touchy to me. Sometimes it takes me a time or two to figure out I have the magnetic strip facing the wrong way. Oops =)
I seemed to have more luck when I tried to do a faster swipe vs. a slower one.

Do you mean 15 to 20 swipes to go through? I never try that many. I give it a few swipes and if it doesn't take I just punch everything in. Otherwise I think the customers get nervous to see you swiping repeatedly - worried it's charging multiple times, etc.

Most customers think it's pretty cool, and I've had some comment that they prefer that to a vendor writing down their cc#.
Yep my customers like that I don't have to write their CC info down too... I love my square!
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