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Default Re: Does anyone have lollipop instructions???

I just took about 13-14" of 3/8" ribbon in about 3 different colors. Heat seal the ends first, then glue one set of ends together. Then, I just started coiling it and adding a dot of glue every so often, so it would stay together. At the end of the coil, I trimmed any extra ends and heat sealed again and glue don last time. I took a lollipop stick and glued it to the back of the ribbon lollipop and then cut a piece of ribbon the diameter of the lollipop and glued that over the stick. Then you can tie/glue a bow around the stick too. I glued the back of the lollipop and part of the stick to a lined alligator clip and that was it. Hope that's not confusing! Good luck!
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