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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by staysha12 View Post
I've read this whole thread a million times but can't remember if this was addressed or not, so sorry in advance if it was! For those of you making the 2 tone ones, wouldn't taking out the inner core and fusing them together lessen the "survival" tactic? I would think they wouldn't be able to be advertised as holding 550 lbs, etc. if you've fused them. Or, am I completely wrong? I made my first one today, and it's all black, but I would love to add some colors. This could become very addicting!!
Yes and no. The cord will still hold 550lbs, just not the two pieces fused together. If you use the pieces seperately, it'll still hold that weight amount, you just won't have as long of a cord. KWIM?

Originally Posted by frteach View Post
I think you are right. Once you fuse the two colors, you cannot have the whole length hold the same weight.

Part of the whole survivial thing is that you could use this cord for anything- making a shelter, splinting a leg, making a harness. I don't think it has to be only about rappeling down a cliff. Let's be real- is 8 or 10 feet going to get you very far anyway? That is how I still justify calling them survival bracelets. It's about having a supply of cord with you in case you need it.
I think its really meant for survival meaning more of using it for some of the other stuff you mentioned, it isn't meant for repelling. While it will hold that weight, its not thick enough for repelling (DH is a rock climber/repeller person lol) I mean, you could if you HAD to, but it wouldn't be a good idea lol. But point being, you're very right, its more for an easy, less bulky way of carrying cord incase you need it.

Originally Posted by Woobie View Post
I'm pretty sure you don't remove the entire inner core - just an inch or two where you want to fuse - but I could be wrong. I would still agree about the strength, though. As others have said, however, most are made for the look vs true survival.
Yeah, I agree,. Its more of a look thing vs. an actual usage deal. KWIM?
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