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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by staysha12 View Post
I've read this whole thread a million times but can't remember if this was addressed or not, so sorry in advance if it was! For those of you making the 2 tone ones, wouldn't taking out the inner core and fusing them together lessen the "survival" tactic? I would think they wouldn't be able to be advertised as holding 550 lbs, etc. if you've fused them. Or, am I completely wrong? I made my first one today, and it's all black, but I would love to add some colors. This could become very addicting!!
You could always have a diclaimer stating per color not fused together. Also when you fuse them you are only taking out an inch or so of the inner strings so there is still plenty of inner strings for people to use. this listing has a disclaimer stating the strength of the bracelet
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