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Originally Posted by cjnmacsmom View Post
I'm going to have to ask my friend were she gets hers from. She a photographer and she only pays $25.00 for hers and the look just like the expensive ones. I bought the instrucitons form but haven't tried to make one yet.
Sams Manufactoring
If you do a co op and buy so many you get them for $25 base price + for other color additions extra fluff etc.
it takes 6 months to get your order at LEAST!
my moms board group ordered in october last year.
they are STILL waiting for pettiskirts from that order.
They placed ANOTHER order in feburary this year.
they have recieved 3..
yes 3 from this order.
Theres a girl that needed hers before her disney vacation that ordered last year and got them 2 months after her vacation. by then she was tired of waiting and resold them on ebay.
If you go the $25 route PLEASE keep in mind you will NOT be receiveing your order in a few weeks.
more like months.. and months.
Im a instant gratification kind of gal so I cant hanlde the waiting for one LOL
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