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Default Re: Wedding Bow?????

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
mmm...ok - I'll take a stab at this one.... I would basically make a big "tube" of fabric and stitch it down the middle and then flip it right side out. Then I would make a large template, or try using the largest one I have, however, when it is just a crossed over tails down bow, you can just make an X and stitch a couple stiches in the middle to tack it, then gather the middle like you want it and wrap a center on it and tack to teh back.

yup . . . but leave an opening in the middle of the tube - this way you can do pointed/rounded/v shaped tails that will look finished and the opening allows you to easily turn it right side out.

if the fabric is limpy (lol - can't think of a better word) . . . sometimes adding some thin batting will give it some shape. it all kinda depends on the bow size & fabric.

g/luck! sounds like a really fun project.
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