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Originally Posted by sweetapple View Post
Um, YES!
I don't mean to go on a rant here....BUT I get strange things from them ALL the time.
Like I ordered the minnie resins & the black ones had two different colored bows on it (in the same package). Uh, what? I can't use them for a piggy pair . oh well.
Then I get their navy striped ribbon in 3/8" and the white was not white. it was like the navy bled into the white. I couldn't use it.

Whatelse?! OH! I had ordered a small batch of korkers to see the quality & they were pretty good. So I put in another big order & this time they were worthless. the white wasn't springy & the kork was not tight at all. Plus there were burn marks on it. I just make my own now.

Why send out crappy stuff? I makes me mad. I have NEVER received anythign bad from TRR.

It's almost time for me to renew my membership & even thought trr is a bit more expensive on prints, i think I'm going with them this time b/c they rock!

jmo sorry for the book
Soooo glad someone else has this issue!!! It drives me insane!!! The only time I order from RABOM is when TRR is out of the colors I need. Which sucks cuz I really do sit there and re-roll all the ribbon!!!
Membership? TRR? I don't have that... and I'm beginning to feel really dumb now!!
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