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Default Re: How to make this style of tutu

Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
Hmm, I don't know, thinking as I type... Meri's do get less full, and I will take each strand and straighten it by hand when it gets too crinkly, it never looks like new again, but they are still cute. I worry about this though, I don't want to sell to someone that wants to use them for pictures and they get all icky and not picture perfect. Maybe someone else can weigh in. I know I have to almost retie mine after a couple wearings as the knots work loose, but that may be cause I don't pull them tight enough, really not sure. I don't sell many (I think 3) mostly I just make them for my daughter, I am taking a few to my booth to add color but not a lot of hope that I will sell them. Around here people don't seem to get that you can wear them everyday. I always get asked what the special occasion is, or why my daughter is dressed up when she wears hers.

Oh my gosh! I know! People think that you have to wear a tutu for a special occasion! At my shows people will stop and look at them and say "These are so cute! But where would would my daughter wear it?"

My response is "GROCERY SHOPPING! Little girls don't need a special occasion to wear a tutu."
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