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Default Re: How to make this style of tutu

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
Ok, so I have another question about tutus... when they are worn lots do all of yours looks the puffy look? When I make mine they stand straight out, the colours blend together but then after a while they start to just hang and the colours don't blend anymore, you can see the strands.

Is this just me or is this a tutu thing? I know that I can get the wrinkles out with steam but I still never get that freshly made stiff tutu look again.

Hmm, I don't know, thinking as I type... Meri's do get less full, and I will take each strand and straighten it by hand when it gets too crinkly, it never looks like new again, but they are still cute. I worry about this though, I don't want to sell to someone that wants to use them for pictures and they get all icky and not picture perfect. Maybe someone else can weigh in. I know I have to almost retie mine after a couple wearings as the knots work loose, but that may be cause I don't pull them tight enough, really not sure. I don't sell many (I think 3) mostly I just make them for my daughter, I am taking a few to my booth to add color but not a lot of hope that I will sell them. Around here people don't seem to get that you can wear them everyday. I always get asked what the special occasion is, or why my daughter is dressed up when she wears hers.
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