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Default Re: I hope I don't....

Originally Posted by tealove4 View Post
I think I need to invest in something better than a point and shoot. I am so intimidated by those fancy top dollar cameras. The Nikon was a big step up for me and I am starting to learn things about it but obviously it still isn't giving me the quality I would like to have. I know that takes a lot of extra stuff, better camera, and of course skill. Which I don't have when it comes to photog.
Hubby bought me a Nikon D80 about 3 years ago and talk about INTIMIDATION!!!! However, I bought the book "Understanding Exposure" which is AWESOME and highly recommended by several experts AND I went to Pioneer Woman a ton! Between those two and good ole live and learn experience I've learned enough to take my camera off auto! LOL Buying a better camera is absolutely one of the best investments for my business that I've made. You can usually find pretty good package deals at Costco and other places around $600 for a smoking Nikon or Cannon. BTW....I'm an idiot when it comes to learning and have the biggest case of adult ADHD on the planet so if I can learn to use one of these babies....anyone can
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