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Default Re: How to make this style of tutu

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
LOL when I scrunch my tutus they just look horrible. I guess I don't have the magic touch for that style. Do you think the width of the tulle makes a difference? I generally cut it to 6". Also, do you think the knot makes a difference? I double knot.

Mine are also 6in wide, but I do use the ox head knot, I think that is what it was called in girl scouts, wow that was a long long time ago!

I like the tutus when they are freshly made and all nice and straight, but they never stay that way for me, so I am learning to adjust and accept that when my dd wears them they lose that freshly made look and are still cute, just 'ruffly' (fighting thinking they are wrinkly!).
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