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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by RUBES View Post
Dandelion...what lengths did you use to make the 3 sizes?

My DH is trying to find some paracord locally but looks like I might have to buy it online I made a few 'mock-ups' and was surprised at how quickly they come together Brought back memories of doing Macramé in school.
Okay here's how I did my sizing I did S, M, and L.

The smalls I cut 19in of cord and then knotted it for the inner cord. These seemed to be pretty small and almost TOO small for some kids, so I think I may make it 20 or 21 when I do them again. If I measured the inside of the bracelet it was about 5 or 5.5in around so you'd need a pretty small wrist for those... DEFF a little kids size.

The mediums are what I sold most of. I did those with 22in of cord and they ended up being about 7 or 7.5in on the inside.

The larges I made with 25in of cord and they came out to be about 8.5 or 9in on the inside and were VERY large. I didn't sell any of this size at all. You'd have to have a pretty fat wrist for this one to fit. I realized it after I made them... luckily I only made 3 of this size and I may take them apart and make them smaller.

So I think after its all said and done I'm gonna end up going with this and see how it works.


And keep in mind, that is the length of the WHOLE INNER CORD. So you're gonna cut that many inches but then you're gonna knot it at the end. Or atleast thats how I do mine, so it'll need some adjusting if you're gonna do buttons or buckles.
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