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Default Re: Sister INL stepping on my toes...

Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
Hmm, that is tough...

Just throwing thoughts at you, maybe have her learn things you don't want to make, or things you don't enjoy making? Let her know you don't really want to split the profit on things you already make, so her making the same thing won't really bring in more income or customers. And from what I understood she doesn't do as good of a job on the bows you make anyhow so maybe she could find another hair accessory she is good at. Just from looking around here you can see people that make awesome bows, but can't figure out how to sew, or ones that make great headbands, but can't quite get bows down. And then there are those that seem to do everything perfectly and I turn a bit green when I see them! If she really wants to help, she will help to grow your business and hers, otherwise she just wants the shortcut and doesn't care if she hurts your income.

Everyone here has paid their dues, burned fingers, dealt with more money going out than coming in, thrown mistakes away, etc, etc. If it really means something to you, and you enjoy it, you will take your lumps and learn like everyone else. Advice, hints, tips, links, and so much more are free for anyone that wants to take the time to find them.
I think you said this perfectly. I think too many people will let you take the risk but then when they see you are doing well then they want to step in and be partners. It just doesn't work that way.
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