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Default Re: Sister INL stepping on my toes...

very good point! You could say all of what everyone else has ..but that you could use help or an assistant..I've been thru this w/3 different people. 1 family and 2 friends but the friends are like family. I ended up having to be rude and now things are awkward between us. I'd just tell her it is a business and it's probably best to keep biz and family seperate..unless you are willing to hire her for an assistant at yours shows and so of sucks when people put you on the spot!

Originally Posted by ydelaney View Post
I see why you but be upset but if it were me I would feel different. My business is in full boom. I sell to several boutiques, farmers market once a week for 6 months of the year, Etsy shop, over 200 tutus for dance recital once a year and all the local orders I get. All of this is done by me with 0% marketing. If I had the time to take pictures of every single custom order I make I would be selling even more not to mention if I spent a little time marketing. I've been thinking of getting a assistant but I feel I'm too trusting and I know how that could end. If my sil wanted to partner up with me I would beyond happy. Since it is my business I would hire her as a assistant.
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