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Default Re: Sister INL stepping on my toes...

Originally Posted by mom4them View Post
So about 4 years ago when I started making bows I showed my SIL. It was no biggie because I live in Kansas and she lives in California. Our bows are completely different. Mine well many of you have seen my work and hers... to say it nicely they are... ok. She has even gotten to the point she has been buying my bows (at a discount) Well just got the news that they are moving... Yep right to Kansas.. They are not even here and she is dropping hints.. Oh I can't wait to make bows with you and Now I can go to the shows with you.. So does she think she is going to sell her bows to my customers.. NOT!!! and to top it off last night she left a massage on my bow page on facebook that says she can't wait to learn how to make my clay centers.. Does she really think I am going to let her in... this is my business.. Not just a hobby.. This is how I feed my kids.. buy their closthes... I am about ready to BURST... Do I say it nicely or just step back and when she says something direct her in a different direction..

Come on ladies.. I love her when we lived in Cali we were best friends.. But we have seen each other in four years..
wow. That stinks! Maybe she wants to help you? Maybe I'm just being positive
Just tell her that you do this as your business & you don't have time to "teach" her how to do it. Maybe say that it took you a long time to research how to make bows & clay centers, so it's not somethign that she could just "pick up".
Hope it works out.
BTW. What part of KS are you in? I'm in Shawnee

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