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Talking Re: Friends asking you how to make bows?

Originally Posted by thepolishedbrat View Post
I WAS in the same boat. Not only did she want to learn to make her daughter bows, she wanted to make them for her entire family. Who, by the way, all have foster kids, and buy bows from me. She didn't want to learn how to make pinwheel bows or classic bows. She wanted to make them all, so she could make those "cute stacked bows".
I first told her about the MILES of ribbon I trashed before I finally made a bow I wasn't completely ashamed of. Then I asked her if she could teach me how to put highlights and lowlights in, and give me the hook up on the chemicals. That way I could do my own hair, my daughters hair, my mothers hair, my sisters hair, my nieces hair, and the hair of my 2 aunts so we wouldn't have to WASTE all that money paying her to do it!! She got my point
LMAO! i bet she did get the point there.. i was reading this and was going to reply with " you should have just told your daughter to tell her the same thing she told the other lady"..lmao.. but NOW i see where she gets her spunk! well said!!
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