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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Originally Posted by taxiof2 View Post
Here are my military bracelets. First timer so be gentle!!!
They look great! My only critique would be to braid a little tighter. You don't want it to be so loose. But other than that, they look fantastic!

Originally Posted by frteach View Post
Love them!

I am going to try some of these at my next show too. I found a local supplier of paracord at the same cheap price I could get online. I ordered some buckles too. I splurged and got the buckles that have the built in whistle. They make it a tad more expensive, but since they also make them a tad more useful, I am thinking I can charge a bit more with the whistle to make up for the cost.

Since I have no time to make these, I have even found a friend to help. She gets a cut of the profits (which she can really use) and I get the bracelets for my show in May!

I think I am going to buy paracord tomorrow after school. It's going to be difficult to narrow it to a few colors though. They claim to have "every color under the sun".
Good for you! I'm still thinking about trying to see if the Army Surplus in town has decent prices. There are a few other ones that are fairly near by, and I don't mind driving to get it. I guess I need to just call around. Is that how you found a supplier?
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