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Default Re: Paracord/Survival/Military Bracelets

Love them!

I am going to try some of these at my next show too. I found a local supplier of paracord at the same cheap price I could get online. I ordered some buckles too. I splurged and got the buckles that have the built in whistle. They make it a tad more expensive, but since they also make them a tad more useful, I am thinking I can charge a bit more with the whistle to make up for the cost.

Since I have no time to make these, I have even found a friend to help. She gets a cut of the profits (which she can really use) and I get the bracelets for my show in May!

I think I am going to buy paracord tomorrow after school. It's going to be difficult to narrow it to a few colors though. They claim to have "every color under the sun".
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