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Default Re: Not a how, but a what...

I have been working on carnation ribbon flowers and the reg. ribbon flowers. I cut my 7/8 and 1.5 ribbon and heat sealed it, threw it in a basket with thread and scissors. I gather my heart out of those flowers while waiting in line to pick my daughter up everyday. I also cute and heat seal the petals for the ribbon flowers and throw that in a tub with thread and scissors and gather those while waiting. I have folded bows and have even heat sealed with a candle many days in the car line waiting too. I hate sitting anywhere for a period of time doing nothing, it drives me crazy. I try to do alll of my glue/heat sealing etc...during the day or night when I have my alone time and can work in my work room. Then I always have a basket of something to take with me anywhere even outside while my daughter plays and I can still work. Keeps the family happy when I am
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