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Default Not a how, but a what...

What to make while watching my sons' baseball games? It is that time of year, with 4 different baseball/softball teams to watch, plus summer volleyball season coming up I am going to spend 3-4 hours or more away from home at my kids' sports everyday, what can be taken with me and worked on? With shows coming up I am very worried about a sparse looking booth. I don't crochet so that is out, so what can I do to make the best use of my sitting idle time at their games?

I am a hot glue gun queen, I use it for my clips, my headbands, rolled flowers, well everything! What other adhesives could be used? Ugh, I am stuck in the 'I can't' state of mind, and need to be pushed out of it. I know I CAN make use of that precious time, just can't get past my mental roadblock.

I know I am not the only mother that is always on the go, so what works for you? I have even thought about taking an adapter so I can plug the glue gun in to the car and watching from the car, but that seems a little anti social! So frustrated with myself, I know it has to be a lot more simple than I am making it!

Ok, go... throw those great ideas at me so I can go DUH!
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