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Default Re: I need help with this please

You can try this method:
Warning: it's kinda scary first because it's backwards sewing LOLOL....
I also hope it makes sense, if I don't - let me know and I'll take some step-by-step pics for you (and others who'd be interested).
Instead of putting right sides together when you sew the side seams, put them WRONG sides together and stitch down the seams. Then trim the seam, fairly close, a bit over an 8th of an inch. Iron the seam open so it lies flat and open, then turn the dress inside out.
Make sure the seam lies nice and flat, ironing it at this point will help, too. You usually won't need to pin anything. Then stitch down on the inside of the seam about 1/4" or a bit less from the edge - it'll enclose the "raw" seam and will give you a nice finished look - I finish my unlined totes like that. It makes the seam quite a bit stronger, too, you won't have to worry about the cotton or cotton-blend fabrics fraying at all.
Of course, you can always buy a serger! LOLOL
I'm telling ya, I bought one about 2 years back and WOW am I impressed!! I don't know how I ever lived and sewed without one, either LOLOL.
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