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Default Re: Interchangable Bottlecaps for Bows?

Originally Posted by trendymom View Post
I haven't sold any yet, so I haven't looked into it. I know magnets can be dangerous. Maybe they can only be sold for children over 3? I'm not sure. What do all the people that sell bottle cap jewelry (the interchangable chokers) do?

Thanks for posting Maxine!
See Im thinking over 3 too. I mean how many toys do you buy that say they are for children older than your own? I buy tons! I mean I watch DD and I make sure that I dont leave her with things that might be a problem in anyway. KWIM? Like she loves wearing "beads"...well, she takes them off when she naps obviously! I just dont know how much this falls into our responsibility as the seller? Ugghhh...I guess I wont then. And I would like to know about the chokers too...maybe an age "requirement" on the packaging?
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