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Default Re: Interchangable Bottlecaps for Bows?

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
See I keep going back and forth on the chocking hazard too. I mean your right about several things/all our things being a chocking hazard, but the whole magnet thing gets me. I REALLY want to do a set with several of the bottle caps to offer, but I am torn with the magnet. Ugh..I definitely dont want to get sued.
I haven't sold any yet, so I haven't looked into it. I know magnets can be dangerous. Maybe they can only be sold for children over 3? I'm not sure. What do all the people that sell bottle cap jewelry (the interchangable chokers) do?

Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
One of the biggest magnet sellers on ebay warns buyers...

Please keep away from younger children and pets - these are NOT for children.

Q: Are these safe for kids and pets?

Kids and animals like to eat things. It would be advisable to keep these toys, and any toys with small parts for that matter away from little ones and pets. A "creature" that swallows more than 2 of these can get them bound together in the gut causing some issues and concerns. Neodymium magnets can be brittle and care should be taken that these do not fly together with too much force.
Thanks for posting Maxine!
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