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Default Re: Interchangable Bottlecaps for Bows?

Originally Posted by LittleTrends View Post
I made one. I get so caught up with all my new ideas I tend to forget about stuff lol! I need to make 5 of them for my cousin's bday party in May... they will be pink bows with a Pinkalicious bottle cap and an initial bottle cap for each girl.

I make one bow with 2 or 3 caps to match - it comes as a set. I don't sell just the bottlecaps. About the choking hazard... almost everything we sell has a choking hazard. There is a warning on all my listings and on my display cards. That is the parent's obligation. These things should not be anywhere near a child's mouth, and they should never be worn while sleeping, in car seats, etc.

See I keep going back and forth on the chocking hazard too. I mean your right about several things/all our things being a chocking hazard, but the whole magnet thing gets me. I REALLY want to do a set with several of the bottle caps to offer, but I am torn with the magnet. Ugh..I definitely dont want to get sued.
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