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Default Re: photo backgrounds for models

Originally Posted by brookshomemadegoods View Post
Thank you so much.

Do you just leave it all one piece and hang it long way's from the wall to the floor? I was wondering about the baseboards are you ladies just using a piece of baseboard or is it really apart of your wall and you add the fabric right to the point of the baseboard? lol Thanks again
I leave mine in one piece and drop it to the start of the floor. Then take some baseboard and clamp it to the fabric so it's upright. I have hardwoods so sometimes I use my flooring, or I have laminate flooring I use too. And I also have fake barnwood laminate.

Someone here had the awesome suggestion to put velcro on the base of the fabric and on the back of the baseboard and it works better. I can't wait to try that!
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