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Default Re: Tulle Puff Tutorial

Originally Posted by Sweet Baby Michele View Post
Thank you for adding my instructions. Lol. I edited the wording and pictures and sell the tutorial on ETSY, so PLEASE do not tell non members how to! It took me SEVERAL hours,if not days of making my tutorial.
I did not credit Lorraine with the instructions, I stated she had made tulle balls before I made my tutorial. Everyone makes them in a different way, and I had several people pm me about how I made mine. I don't know how Lorraine makes hers, but I was clear about not stepping on anyones toes.
I couldn't tell if your instructions were similar to hers or not since I couldn't find hers. Which may be why I said you gave her credit for the idea (as opposed to the directions).

Looking back at your post I see that you specifically said you didn't know how she made hers.

The weird thing is that while I see some of her posts quoted by others you can't see her posts any more. I wonder if she's no longer a member here.

BTW, I haven't tried making these yet but I've read that it is hard to keep the tulle from slipping while you're tying the tulle ... or maybe that it comes apart after you've tied it. Is this a matter of using the right material to tie it off or of tying it tightly enough?


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