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Default Re: Having an issue :(

Are you sewing each of the petals individually first or are you gluing them?
1. If your gluing them that could be causing them to look too pinched on the ends near the center of the flower.

2. If they are too pointy, try not to pinch them flat when you are going to make each petal. I hold my needle and place each ribbon for the petal one by one rather than the way they do in that picture. That way you dont have a crease in the ribbon causing it to be pointy.

3. I use embroidery thread and match it to the ribbon that's farthest out that way when you tie it, it doesn't show. Thread each petal all the way and then tie off your thread really tight to form your flower.

I use more than 5 petals so mine petals help push the other one's creating a uniform effect. Here are some of my pic's. Hth

IMG_4140.jpg IMG_4141.jpg
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